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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Literacy Tests

It is high time the United States revives the literacy test. It only needs to be ten questions.

1. Who is the President?
2. Who is the Vice-President?
3. How many States are there?
4. Of how many branches does the federal government consist?
5. Name five of the rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.
6. If the President and Vice-President are incapacitated, who becomes President?
7. Name two of the reasons for the Revolutionary War cited in the Declaration of Independence.
8. Who were we at war with at the time of the Revolutionary War?
9. Name three other Presidents other than the current one.
10. The United States is a republic. What is a republic?

The test must be written in English. A 70 percent or better is required to vote. A 50 percent or less removes voting privileges for a period of ten years.

My guess is that there will be fewer "voting irregularities" if 60 percent of the people who currently vote are disqualified. It'll probably eliminate many public school teachers too. Won't that be nice?

Of course, some trial lawyer at the ACLU will probably argue that "history is 'relative' to an individuals experience", or some type of leftist claptrap. Ah well, one can still dream without taxes and regulations.


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