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Friday, April 08, 2005

Minute Men

What's This? Americans in America?

I was going to ask: MEN? In America? But I just heard on the Alan Combes (sp?) program that thirty percent of the Minute "Men" are women.


I have a couple of seemingly contradictory views on immigration. Ideally, all humans should be able to move freely anywhere in heaven and on earth. They should be guaranteed safe passage from one country to another. There should be no fear of threat, violence or coercion from other humans and their governing bodies. I consider this a human right.

On the other hand, Mexicans let their government leave them in the stone age. Instead of taking control of their own problems, they flee like rats on a sinking ship.

I love Mexico and I go there as often as possible; so I say this with the most kindness I can...GO BACK!! And quit having sex.

I will never agree to more surveillance in the form of a card or otherwise. Remember, the person who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. This is still the best site


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