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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Popular Music Sucks

I work in the construction trade. Throughout the course of a day, I have to listen to all sorts of music. Most of it is Top 40 rock, rap, hip hop, or country. I hate all of it.

What happened to artists who could actually play instruments? What happened to great lyrics? Rock and rap groups only bitch, and the three cords they play (if they play) are getting old. Hip hop is boring and vacuous. Pop country seems to only be "love songs".

Modern country music is the worst. Country music has sucked (or has it blown) since 1980. Give me Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynett and George Jones and I will be happy. Try to play any of these other pretty boys and girls and I have to freebase coffee grounds to stay awake. Country music is white guy blues and the artists nowadays don't look like they have had a hard day in all their life. What a bunch of limp-wristed pussies.

Classic rock (not do-wop) is still the best. The music from rock musicians from the late sixties and seventies is intelligent, well written, and well played. Hendrix and Pink Floyd are infinitely better than Kid Rock or Rage Against the Machine. I do not see the latter two ever getting any better. The problem with classic rock is that the radio stations only play Top 40 classic rock. Hey, jackass programming directors, the Grateful Dead wrote other songs besides "Casey Jones".


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