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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Starting a New Company

I recently started my own company. I had to go all over town, to several different government agencies. God help you if you went to the wrong one first or forgot to pick up the right piece of paperwork. The bureaucrats would make you start all over till you jumped through all of their hoops. In the meantime, I was NOT working. Therefore, I was NOT earning any money. By the time I finished, I could not help but think: The government doesn't want me in business. My next thought, what kind of idiot would go through this bullshit.

While the thought of taxes makes me long for the days before FDR and Woodrow Wilson, the bureaucrats piss me off even more. These pricks sit on their asses and act like they are helping. "REAL help would be if your job were to be eliminated along with the agency you work for you piece-of-shit parasite".

Just a thought, ONE government agency that handles ALL of your paperwork. You file your taxes* with this ONE government agency as well. Instead of it taking a week to jump through their bureaucratic hoops, it only takes a few hours.

Thinking about it only makes me angry so I better stop here.

*Having said this, realize that I don't believe business or individuals should have to pay taxes. For further clarification on how I would fund the government without taxes, you will have to reply.


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