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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Jobs American's Won't Do

On January 1st, 2005, the city I work in changed plumbing codes. Prior to this date plumbers in the city plumbed under the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC). Now we plumb under the International Plumbing Code (IPC).

My prediction is that within the next fifteen years, most houses will be plumbed by Mexicans. If I am to stay in business, I will have to hire Mexicans. Native plumbers who do not own their own business will never see an increase in wages. They will slowly be pushed out of the market just like framers are now, and just like roofers, concrete worker's, sider's, and drywaller's already have been.

Establishment politicians think that this is a good thing. Mexico's President Fox and U.S. President Bush claim that Mexicans are only "doing work that American's won't do". What a bunch of bullshit. These dickheads either don't have a clue that their policies are taking jobs that U.S. citizens are all too willing to do or they know and choose to lie about it. I suspect the latter.

Is the establishment of a middle-class in Mexico so important that the middle-class in the U.S. must be sacrificed? To the Establishment politicians, the answer is yes. The reasons are many but the main reason has to do with limiting the growth of the population. People who attain at least a middle-class lifestyle are more likely to get married later and have fewer children. U.S. citizens have already achieved this, Mexico and the rest of the third-world have not. Although the standard of living (in real monetary terms) in the U.S. is going down, it is not likely that we will have more children per family no matter how close we come to third-world status. While this policy does have the desired effect, it isn't fast enough and the effect on the U.S. is going to be disastrous. The Establishment, not just here but globally, are destroying the First-World. Hence the term "post-industrial" is now used to describe the U.S. and Western Europe.


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