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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Joy of Cooking

The previous posts have been rather serious. To show that I am a multifaceted man, I am going to write something that will shock, and maybe enrage you. Here it goes: The Joy of Cooking is the best cookbook ever written. Gosh it's good to get that off my back.

I have a bookshelf full of cookbooks and I use all of them on a regular basis. Joy is the the most dog-eared however. Mine is covered and stained with gravy, marinade, bread and cookie dough, and of course, wine (I love to imbibe while cooking. I prefer Amaretto.).

Joy has everything. It teaches you about ingredients, utensils, techniques, history, and much more. With the book, I can prepare a Thanksgiving dinner to a full-fledged vegetarian meal. Their recipe for pie crust cannot be improved on.

Since I prefer vegetarian meals, my other favorite cookbooks are: French Vegetarian Cooking (Paola Gavin), Vegetarian Planet (Didi Emmons), and Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Breads. These four books should be in every kitchen in America. There would be no reason to have a bad meal. Unless you use bad ingredients, which can sometimes happen (proof your yeast!!!).

If you only own one, make it Joy. It really does make you a real chef, even if you are just a plain ol' plumber. Bon Appetit!


Blogger Holly said...

Here are some recipes the Plumber is SURE to enjoy...

9:58 PM

Blogger The Plumber said...

Thanks for the site. I'll look at it right now.

9:41 AM


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