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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tennis Shoes and Other Stuff

Today I went door to door distributing flyers to promote my business. This must come as a shock to some of you lefties. I will bet you thought that I would exploit a worker by hiring someone else to do it for me. After all, that is what bourgeois capitalist-pigs do, right? Well, some of the owners of production don't even have enough money to hire ourselves.

Anyway, the only pair of shoes that I had were a pair of hiking boots. They are Vasque Newbriars and about ten years old so they are very comfortable. That said, after about two hours on the pavement, my knees and legs were starting to get sore. Vasques are great on the trail but not so much on concrete. So I decided to break down and get myself a pair of tennis shoes.

When shopping, which I rarely do, I follow the ABC Principle. This means "Anywhere But China". I was starting to get frantic as I flipped shoe tongue after shoe tongue over in what appeared to be a futile search. Finally I found a pair made in Indonesia but I didn't like them. Then I found a pair made in Viet-Nam, imagine that! Sixty bucks was too much to spend on tennis shoes, so I kept looking.

I was about to give up my search and get the Indonesian pair when I saw a pair of New Balance tennis shoes with a U.S. flag on the box. I almost cried. I looked around some more and found another pair Made in the U.S.A.. I tried them on and they fit. They cost $44 plus tax. I wore them out of the store.

What is the point of the story? In a shoe store full of tennis shoes, I found four, FOUR styles not made in China. What the F*** is wrong with you people! PLEASE!! For God's sake. Quit buying products made in China. Good Lord! We have become a dumping ground for all of their crap and most of you are lapping it up like pigs in a slop bucket. crap for your brains?!?

On another note, I have been having a very good time over at the DNC blog (see post below). I've got some of them so pissed off that if they could, they would spit through the screen. The names they call me and the places they tell me I should go are just hilarious.


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