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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fort Collins: A Sanctuary City?

A fellow blogger at the Fort Collins Insider confirmed the rumor that Ft. Collins will debate on whether or not city officials will be allowed to ask people about their immigration status. The comment reads as follows:

The Fort Collins City Council will discuss a Human Rights Protection Ordinance on September 6. The Ordinance prevents city employees from asking questions about the immigration status of people seeking services. The Human Relations Commission of the City contends that currently many victims and witnesses of crimes do not report crimes to the police because they are fearful that questions will be asked about their immigration status of the status of someone in their family. As well, some members of this community have reported receiving dissimilar treatment from city employees based on their immigration status or perceived status. Should be a very interesting discussion - it has been a topic simmering away for about 2 years - now it is going directly to Council in a regular session.

There will be a Minuteman presence at the meeting. Will the city council make it easier for criminals to report criminal behavior? How much of this criminal behavior that they hope to have reported by criminals is committed by illegals? Will the city allow cops to ask these criminals about their status? What will happen to them then?

So many questions. Be assured gentle reader, The Plumber will find out.


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