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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

So Much for The Plumber's Privacy

As most of you know, I am a libertarian. It is easy to infer that I believe that a person deserves privacy if they want. I want.

Now as a result of the following post, my gentle readers will know that I am located in northern Colorado. Damn.

Last night I went to the meeting of the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform (CAIR). This is NOT to be confused with the terrorist organization, The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which also goes by the acronym "CAIR".

The meeting had 30-40 people show up who were supportive of the goal of CAIR, which is to stop illegal immigration. There were also about ten protesters who considered us racists. This is interesting considering the organizers of CAIR are former Sierra Club members and are concerned about the impact on the environment with regard to uncontrolled population growth. These people are not tobacco-chewing rednecks.

Unfortunately little was accomplished as a result of time constraints, unless education and networking was the goal. The Plumber already knows what the problems are and what the implications are. I know what needs to be done as well.

Pro-immigration advocates are quick to point out that we can't "round up" 20 million illegal immigrants. True enough. It is also a perfect example of sophistry. We don't need to "round up" illegals, or as I prefer to call them, foreign trespassers. There are only two things that need to (or can) be done:

1) Arrest employer's. I think that this need not be a massive crack-down. In fact, the feds probably need only to arrest a few employers per state, per month. One of the protesters blamed the foreign trespasser issue on "unbridled capitalism". On this point, I agree. I doubt that he realized (or intended) that his criticism is part of the solution. We also need to allow local cops to arrest foreign trespassers for violating federal law. It is a common excuse by state and local bureaucrats that enforcement of immigration law is a federal responsibility. I wonder how many law enforcement personnel took an oath to "protect and defend the Constitution of the U.S.". Even this is in jeopardy.

2) Put bodies on the border. Thanks to the Minutemen, this is going to happen again in October. We need a year-round presence however and since the feds refuse to do their job, the Minutemen will need thousands of volunteers who are willing to give up a week or more of their vacation time to protect our borders. I will be going down in October. We need more, especially you folks who live in border states.

Our environment, culture, and economy are at risk RIGHT NOW as a result of mass immigration. We must stop it RIGHT NOW!


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