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Monday, August 08, 2005

Tancredo Nonexistent on Al Jazeera But This Will Do

I wanted to find out what Al Jazeera thought about Rep. Tom Tancredo so I jumped on their website (English version). Not one word. Tancredo was admonished by the Left and the Right. The fear was that an outfit like Al Jazeera would use his comments to inflame hatred against our efforts in this "War on Terrorism". I guess that the critics were wrong. Al Jazeera only cares about the antics of jackasses (Kennedy, Durbin, Pelosi, etc.).

I did however find this. I had to comment. My message read as follows:

George Bush is not a "right-wing extremist". In fact, his actions may be the only things keeping Muslims in this country safe from attacks from real right-wing extremists.

Maybe you should have spent time in a small-town cafe in Middle America after the towers came down. It was not uncommon for common folks to say things like, "kill 'em all and let Allah sort the SOB's out" or "We ought to turn that whole part of the world into a skating rink" (meaning: nuke it).

Don't confuse the REAL right-wing with the Bush Administration or the right-wing in Europe. The Bush Administration is composed of internationalists; the right-wing in the U.S. is composed of nationalists. The right-wing in Europe is unarmed, the right-wing in the States is heavily armed and one terrorist attack away from being too pissed off to care what Bush says, or does.


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