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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I get so pissed about how people can be so casual about something I am forced to do in order to The money I earn is with my back, my hands, my time. Do I own these things or do I not? If the money is taken directly out of my paycheck, do I quit owning a portion of these things?

If one thinks like I do (and I've heard some do) how can I not feel like a slave?

When you factor in the new wave of immigrants, is there any doubt that the demands on me, and those who think like me, will be even greater in the future? It wouldn't surprise me if the demands on my life for the greater good increases at an increasing rate. Does anybody on this site have any reason for me to believe this not the case?

When is it ok for me to feel like chattel? If we could put a date on it, what would it be? If we made "freedom from tax" day on Labor Day, could I feel like chattel then? Maybe I shouldn't even be thinking like this. Maybe I should be thinking not as an individual, but as a member of a collective. Maybe I should stop thinking altogether and lose myself in the collective. OMG! I'M A COMMUNIST!!! :-)

Hell, I've just started on taxes. I haven't even gotten to the loss of personal liberty, or how government dependency leads to personal irresponsibility.

People who want to grow something that can only do one thing effectively, coerce compliance, in light of everything wrong with it, is either a loonie or an elitist.

What are you?


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