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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Plumber Has Had It!

Today was going to be a short day. All I had to do was install a kitchen sink and a bathroom sink. I decided not to go to the jobsite until after lunch and work till 4:30 or so.

So I show up to my jobsite, tools in hand, and lo and behold! My fixtures were stolen over Labor Day weekend. This one will cost me about $500. I can't afford $500 and it's too little for an insurance claim.

I called the cops and filed a report. The officer in charge shrugged her shoulders and offered nothing. No investigation will be done. Her words of comfort? "You are lucky that it hasn't happened to you earlier." My insurance guy, who could do absolutely nothing for me, was considerably more sympathetic.

I called other plumbers in the area and they have all had supplies and fixtures stolen from jobsites. Their words of comfort? "You're lucky it has only happened to you once." and "You're lucky it was only $500". Thanks a lot guys. I am used to having to pack up my tools because of theft, but not my supplies. This shit is getting ridiculous. And I'm tired of it!

I have decide to divest myself of the plumbing trade. I'm done. So here is my resume:

1986-1995: I alternated between odd jobs, Grateful Dead tours, and college.
1995-present: Plumber

I am one semester from a BA in Political Science and three semesters from a BA in Economics. I am extremely motivated by things I believe in. Smart, but not so much that I have no common sense. I work hard and I don't bitch. I want a desk job.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:02 PM

Blogger The Plumber said...

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7:48 PM

Blogger mile high delphi said...

I got here from coloradopols. You're nuts, I love it.

I have a BA in Poly Sci, plus one in History and a BS in Econ.

The Econ degree was the best one of the bunch, but the others taught me how to write (but not how to spell).

I just thank god every day that I walked out of orientation at Law School and got a MBA. All that education didn't give me a bit of common sense. But I know this, if shit runs down hill, then the guys over at Students for an Orwellian Society must be located dead center at the bottom of death valley.

9:44 PM

Blogger The Plumber said...

blodicus maximus,

That's funny. I think I saw those guys when a sewer pipe busted over at the CU Liberal Arts Hall.

7:49 AM

Blogger mia said...

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11:06 PM


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