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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Illegal Immigrant Kills Dallas Police Officer

From the AP we get this,

DALLAS - A Dallas police officer was shot and killed Sunday by a suspect he was chasing on foot, police Chief David Kunkle said.

Officer Brian Jackson, 28, was pronounced dead at Baylor University Medical Center at 3:52 a.m., Kunkle said.

Jackson and another officer were responding to a disturbance call in East Dallas early Sunday and chased a 28-year-old male suspect through alleys and between houses, police said. The suspect, identified by authorities as Juan Lizcano, fired at the officers and fatally shot Jackson under the arm, Kunkle said.

Lizcano was charged with one count of capital murder and remained in police custody. He was not injured in the shootout.

What the AP and the local Dallas press doesn't tell us is that Lizcano is an illegal Mexican immigrant who has been stopped by Texas law enforcement at least twice before. Unlike the case of Denver police officer Donnie Young, Texas cops got this piece of shit before he could escape back to Mexico.

Then we get this story from KGBT 4 in Harlingen, TX,

HIDALGO Memo Warns of MS 13 Plans to Kill Police Officers
Oct 9, 2005, 08:14 PM
Reported by Ray Pedraza

Federal agents believe they've intercepted intelligence from the notorious Mara Salvatruchas gang who seem to be planning to assassinate federal and local police in the coming days.

They have forwarded a safety memo to area authorities. In the intelligence bulletin obtained by Action 4 News, a confidential informant in Virginia claims the Mara Salvatruchas have designated October 30 as "Kill A Law Enforcement Officer Day". The memo cites the informant as someone who's provided reliable information in the past.Reliable or not, Valley police aren't taking chances. In Hidalgo, chief Vernon Rosser believes everyone has their guard up.

"Along the Mexican border, I feel very comfortable that not only this agency but all the other agencies are paying attention to these bulletins," Rosser said. "We pay a lot of attention to the fact that we do have people that are in close proximity that are possible terrorists, or on death
wish missions."

Rosser says the threats on officers safety are common. He says the best way to be ready is to train officers that every day is "kill a cop" day... saying even a traffic stop warrants the highest level of caution."

And so people that are being involved in traffic stops, they should understand a lot of times they deem the officer of being aggressive but he's really being cautious because he has no idea who he's dealing with. It could be someone that's trying to fulfill October 30th, death day."

Rosser also believes that the date on the bulletin could be a deterrent. While his town could be a target he believes the Mara's will go elsewhere to carryout their threats. "I feel that if something like this
were to happen, it's probably gonna happen in a larger area where it's easier to do something like this and you can conceal yourself with a heavier population."

The bulletin originated with an agency called Federal Protective Services. They say the MS 13's want to kill officers because of the pressure they are under from U.S. Customs agents "Operation Community Shield" - a nationwide initiative targeting violent street gangs.

Welcome to the Third-World!


Blogger Black Bear said...

Did you see the Sunday Denver Post story about the Mexican gang who smuggles meth to a reservation in Wyoming?

The same thing is happening to the tribe I belong to in N. Oklahoma.

I saw your comments about Anglo's being pushed to the breaking point. American Indians know about immigration. We are learning about it again. This time it is more evil.

I can't envision myself being violent. But I am almost to that breaking point.

Sorry about not commenting on your stories, how many dead whites do you think it will take?

1:59 PM

Blogger The Plumber said...

Welcome BB,

I just looked it up. Amazing, huh?

If you don't mind me asking, which tribe? I have very good friends in the Ponca. My family is Chickasaw down in S OK.

I walked at graduation with a beautiful Ponca woman. One week later, she was permanently injured and brain-damaged by an illegal immigrant who ran a stop light. She'd just gotten her degree in social work so that she could more effectively help her tribe.

RE: Your question

Not one more person need die to drive some Anglo's over the edge. There are issues other than immigration which could end up being proverbial straws.

How'd you find me?

5:04 PM

Blogger Holly said...

Black Bear makes a pretty damned good point about the original immigrants. Don't know what else to say about that, except that I am ashamed of it.

12:37 PM

Blogger ctindel said...

I don't understand Blackbear's point about it "being more evil this time". Nobody is immigrating here and forcing us off our land at gun-point or killing us by the millions with diseases like smallpox.

1:46 PM

Blogger Black Bear said...


The reservation is near Newkirk. You might be able to figure it out but please don't advertise.

I saw your comments at Colorado Pols.

What happened to your Ponca friend?


There is no reason for you to be ashamed of something that you didn't do. You can only judge your own actions, be they good or bad.


I was refering to the effects of meth on the reservations. It is the death of a thousand cuts. Alcohol is an energy drink compared to meth. I wasn't speaking about immigration. Sorry about the confusion.

I will say that it ain't white folks peddling meth to my friends and family.

4:29 PM

Blogger The Plumber said...


Years of therapy. She can talk and walk, but both are labored. She is a functioning member of society however, and has a career in her chosen field.

Her sister is a meth addict. Her parents raise her sisters' five(!) children. Only two of them have the same father. You are right, it (meth) is horrifying. Her sister looks like death walking. It's unfortunate, she too was an absolutely stunning woman.

6:41 PM

Blogger The Plumber said...


did you have a run-in with Scientologists here about 15 years ago?

6:43 PM

Blogger Black Bear said...

you got it.

4:31 PM


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