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Monday, November 28, 2005

Update to My Last Post

First of all, I hope everybody had a pleasant Thanksgiving, unless you are one of the jackasses who ran to Walmart the day after to buy every piece of Chinese crap you could get your bloodstained hands on (in that case, I hope you got trampled by fat people wearing golf shoes).

Now on to the news...

This week I decided to check out some other blog sites for some ideas and I ran across another Colorado blogger. Cave News and Views posted an excellent synopsis which directly relates to my last post.

I'll say it again, the modern Democratic party has no honor...or gonads.

An Update To My Update: from Townhall

The Cook Political Report has interesting poll numbers on the Iraq issue:
When Dems Sens. criticize Bush's policy on Iraq, does it help/hurt morale of troops in Iraq?
68% Hurts
14% Helps
When Dems criticize Bush's policy on Iraq, do you think they are trying to gain partisan advantage or believe it will help US' efforts in Iraq?
52% Gain political advantage
30% Think will help
Should US military withdraw troops immediately regardless of impact, as Iraq meets goals, or set fixed publicaly avail timetable for withdrawal?
50% as goals met
15% withdraw
29% timetable


Blogger The Plumber said...

Oh, and Marshall?

If you decide to read this comment, maybe you can explain the statements of the moonbats in the link (the synopsis)I provided.

6:39 PM


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