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Monday, December 19, 2005

The left is imploding! The left is imploding!

Have ya seen the White Flag commercial?

Some Republicans are upset over the ad, saying it goes too far. I could write a dozen more that go even further; and I'd bet dollars-to-doughnuts (whatever the hell that means) that they would destroy the current Democratic party as a serious alternative to the Republican party.

Of course, if the Libertarian's had hundreds of millions of dollars, watch out GOP!

The only thing holding the conservative (of all stripes) movement back is the desire to not spend money on TV before the campaign season. When your battling the MSM though, there really is no way to get a conservative message out to the unwashed masses other than a thirty-second spot during the OC, or a football game.

The leftist movement is imploding before our very eyes...and I couldn't be happier, except for the fact that they are prolonging the war. This commercial should be one of several that warn the public that the giant sucking sound is the left consuming itself. This material falls right into our laps, and the laughable part is that not only are they wrong about, well, just about everything, but that they can't help making sure everybody knows.

As a result of this stupidity (not ignorance, as they have been warned), everything they say can be looked at with scrutiny, and then exploited after the piercing light of reason exposes the cheap material and shoddy workmanship. These days, the light need not even be lit (the "material" smells soured).

The stench alone is worthy of a half-dozen commercials.

It appears to me that the modern liberalism is on its way to becoming conservatism of the 1950's. What liberalism needs is a William F. Buckley Jr. What they have is Noam Chomsky and a political philosophy that enslaves more people worldwide today, than it will liberate in a thousand years.

Maybe this is what liberalism needs however. It has ridden on the back of Marx for about 150 years, and they haven't changed or adapted at all, regardless of the times. Heck, one commenter on this blog, some time back, tried to defend Social Security! Good Lord! This 70-year-old program is going right down the toilet. Ironically, I'll bet she believes in doctor assisted suicide (just for humans, not government programs). Egads.

Anyway, at the risk of losing conservative friends, I'm going to give modern liberals some advise that may help some of them get my vote:
  1. Please look at classic liberalism as an alternative to modern liberalism.
  2. At some point, please realize that for a government to be effective in a country with a growing population, it must be made smaller. Right now, you want just the opposite of what is reasonable.
  3. For Gods Sake! Don't say another word!


Blogger Black Bear said...

classic liberalism vs. modern liberalism?

9:33 AM

Blogger The Plumber said...

Classic liberals believe that the government is a necessary evil. Modern liberals believe that the government is a necessary good.

2:06 PM


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