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Monday, December 12, 2005

Some Help for the Underdog's

What the Dimocratic leadership is doing, currently, is telling the coach and his staff that they suck, and they are telling the team that they can't win, even though that team is up by thirty points and it's only half-time.

Here is what it sounds like in the opposing team's locker room,

Asst. coach Abdul: These guy's are a bunch of women! Their own "fans" are against them. Mohammad over-heard the president of the Glee Club telling them that they can't win against us, and they should quit before anymore of them get hurt. The Drama Club made a banner that says that the coach is an idiot!

Sure we're down more men than they are, and sure our coach and most of the staff have to call plays from under the bleachers, and sure we are viewed as cheaters...but hey, we have history on our side. Look what happened with the Viet Nam Cougars and the Somalia Snakes. Hell guys! Half of their "fans" are homosexuals and almost all the rest are metrosexuals!

It won't be long before the "fans" get tired of the injuries and this team throws in the towel. It's the toughest team we will ever beat, but after them, nobody can beat us! Now let's go out there and kick some ass!

Player (Hakim): What we ought to do is go into their stands and cut the throats of their sons and gang rape their daughters and wives before we kill them too.



Blogger Black Bear said...

Wow man!

You have been smokin' these last few posts. This post is good.

You should do humor more often.

4:36 PM


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