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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Colorado's Testicular-Challenged Democrats

I took a day off to go to the Colorado House hearings, which was debating eight separate immigration reform bills. Because of GOP ineptitude and an influx of California leftists (who refused to lie in the bed they shat in), the Dems now control the Legislature, including the The House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee where the bills were being heard.

The crowd at the hearing was evenly divided. About half of the people there were in favor of some or all of the bills, and about half opposed, including the Democrat majority.

I must say, Rep Terrance Carroll may be the most worthless Representative on that committee. When he wasn't eating and cracking open soda bottles, he was absent. As this was my first time to a legislative hearing, is it common for a rep to leave several times, for ten, twenty, or even thirty minutes? The only time he spoke was to insinuate that Rep. Dave Schultheis was a racist for suggesting that it would be more cost effective to build schools in Mexico than educate illegal immigrants here. Carroll is not a serious man. His voters were either duped or are idiots.

Rep. Fran Colman should have recused herself from the hearings. Anybody who doesn't know the significance of Plyler vs. Doe has no business voting on immigration bills. At least she pretended to be interested, unlike Carroll, who appeared to be more interested in giving a "shout out" to his homies.

Rep Liston likened El Centro (a day labor criminal enterprise) to a drug deal as the director of El Centro said that they do not check the papers of those who come to be set up with employers. This woman (sorry, I couldn't understand what she said her name is) said that it isn't any of her business if the people she helps are criminals or that setting them up with employers is also illegal. She just provides them with a place to meet. Chairman Paul Weissman stepped in at this point to save this woman's ass. I don't know why, Denver is a sanctuary city. There is no reason to believe that she would be arrested by anybody at any level of government.

Chairman Weissman is a real intellectual dynamo. Who are the clowns that elected this idiot?

I particularly liked this witness,

"We can pick up illegal detainees all day and all night long, and we can transport them to county jails, but nothing is happening to them," said John Patterson of the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police. "To pass an unfunded mandate down to the sheriffs will raise huge issues. Our jails are full, our prisons are full. We have no place to put these people."

Prior to this quote, Mr. Patterson said of the immigration crisis, "It's absolute chaos." Imagine that! Mr. Patterson, why are the Chiefs of Police opposed to preventing chaos?

Unfunded mandates? Like providing free schooling to illegals (Plyler vs Doe), or free emergency medical care (a Clinton Executive Order)? These two unfunded mandates cost considerably more than incarcerating, and removing from Colorado, foreign trespassers.

Mr. Patterson continues to point fingers for the ineptitude of those he represents. He also refuses to admit that Colorado Chiefs of Police arrest people for felony violations all the time.

He refuses to do anything about the invasion (about 10,000 per day over the Mexican border). The Colorado legislature refuses to do anything. Our RINO governor, Bill Owens, refuses to do anything. Denver is a sanctuary city by Executive Order, and the Mayor (another Democrat) continues to deny that such a document exists. They are all guilty.

So that leaves us, the 80 percent who want something done. This November, Colorado will have a initiative put before the voters. This measure will be demonized by the press, and about a hundred other groups. Anti-reform activists and groups will spend millions of dollars more than their pro-reform counterparts. Ultimately, they will have wasted this money, as taxpayers learn what the costs are for doing nothing.

And one final note to Democrats, you have a chance to place your mark on reform while you control the legislature. If you do nothing, legislation will be written by we reformists, and then taken directly to the voters. We will write an initiative a year till we get what we want. Either join the party in some meaningful way, or you'll be rendered impotent (on top of having no testicles).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suggest you talk to a federal immigration offical sometime. There really is nowhere to put more illegals unless the federal government authorizes the funding. It's irresponsible to just say that we should round up all the illegal immigrants and that the police aren't doing their jobs. Where would we put them? How would we deport them? It's not like there are a bunch of empty, fueled airplanes sitting around that aren't being used.

You can't ask local police departments to add all of this work without giving them money to hire more people and build more jails to do it. Would you really suggest that finding illegal immigrants should take the same priority from our police officers as finding people who commit assaults, rapes and murders? To have a real debate about illegal immigration, everybody needs to come with rational ideas. You think the people you disagree with are the only ones who are irrational, but you don't even think out your own ideas.

11:56 AM

Blogger The Plumber said...

I'd love to talk to an immigration official, but all 12 of them are pretty busy.

Who said anything about "rounding them up"? Oh yeah, you did. There is no need to "round them up" if they go somewhere else voluntarily. If we make living and working in Colorado inhospitable to criminals, they will go somewhere else to work.

Heck, I'd be in favor of loading those we catch (on other non-violent charges) on a bus, and driving them the the New Mexico border. A sack lunch, a bottle of water, and a one-fingered "adios"...

That isn't very expensive at all. Hell, I'll volunteer to drive the bus every now and then. I'd even donate a tent for the internment camps.

Plyler vs. Doe is not settled. The arguments for education of illegals (in Plyler) are specious, and smack of political correctness. A governor and AG with testicles would sue the Feds for this unfunded mandate. With a majority on the SCOTUS who view the Constitution as it is written, instead of this "living document" crap, Plyler can be overturned. This action would free up millions of dollars which could be used for law enforcement.

Would you really suggest that finding illegal immigrants should take the same priority from our police officers as finding people who commit assaults, rapes and murders?

The 9-11 highjackers were illegal immigrants, so is the accused killer of Dennis Young, as well as the killer of Brian Jackson.

The very beautiful young woman I walked with at our college graduation ceremonies was permanently disabled by a drunk illegal immigrant two weeks after we walked. He was incarcerated for 13 days before being released. Guess who didn't have insurance. Guess who didn't show up for his court date. Guess who was never held accountable for his crime. Guess who is re-roofing the house down the block. I can find a thousand more like this in very short order.

That is, if you really want me to.

12:56 PM

Anonymous Don said...

Plumber I sympathize with everything you are saying but the person too gutless to use a name is right too. We must secure the border first, then begin eliminating the illegals. The revolving door is just a waste of time.

5:03 PM

Blogger The Plumber said...


You and anon are absolutely right. I've got no argument with that.

In fact my slur about there being 12 immigration officials was ment to impart that agreement.

I've never been accused of being subtle. I guess there's a first time for everything.

6:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually it is pretty common for representatives to be gone for portions of the hearings. I welcome you to try the Senate someday...

8:58 PM

Blogger The Plumber said...


Thanks for the invite. I won't be wasting my time with the loons who are currently in charge.

As well, Chairman Weissman should have called for a break. To me, leaving is disrespectful of the witnesses, the legislation, the other committee members, and the legislators who introduced the bill.

2:31 PM

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