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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thanks a Lot, Jackasses

This article showed up in Pravda...oops, I mean, the Ft. Collins Coloradoan. The Colorado general assembly, with votes from Californians who refused to lie in the beds they shat in, changed hands recently from the GOP to the Dimocrats.

Apparently the loons have decided to punish employers by forcing them to provide health coverage to their employees. Ft Collins Rep. Angie Paccione (D)will probably vote the bill (HB 1316) out of committee for floor debate.

That's what happens when voters elect candidates (read: Democrats) who care nothing about fairness. The bill is called, ironically: the Fair Share Bill. Laughable, huh?

The bill won't affect all businesses equally (and thus, fairly), only those with 3,500+ employees (about 30 companies) will be required to spend 11 percent of their payroll on health coverage. This of course is the big plus for leftists like Paccione and the idiots who voted for her. Equality of law is a foreign concept to people who would call themselves Democrats. Equality of outcomes is the only type of equality leftists care about; though this bill has more to do with getting back at Walmart and other large employers.

Fortunately, our RINO governor, Bill Owens, will probably veto this abomination (should it pass the Assembly and Senate).

Two side notes:

  • I hate Walmart because of all the Chinese crap that lines their shelves. BOYCOTT CHINA! I have not stepped into one of their stores since Sam Walton died.
  • Affordable health care will only happen when government stops subsidizing the industry. IOW, after a successful terrorist attack on DC.

    Hat Tip: Ft Collins Insider


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