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Friday, March 17, 2006

Redefining Democrats and Other Things

For weeks now I have been making fun of Democrats who have penises, but no testicles. Indeed, much ado is being made, at least in Conservative circles, about the "sissy-fication" of the American male. Talkshow host Michael Savage for instance, said words to the equivalent of, "We teach our boys to be metrosexuals, and they [Islamofascists] teach theirs to be murderers. Who's gonna win that war?"

Well a couple of days ago, I heard Rush Limbaugh use the phrase "The New Castrati" to describe this breed that feels more than they think. It stuck. Now I no longer have to go through painful written gymnastics to describe Leftist "males". Yea!

Describing myself as a classic liberal is rather cumbersome as well. I've called myself a libertarian in the past, but most people have no idea what that means. Besides, "liberal" is accurate, and more descriptive than "libertarian". The problem is that at some point in our past, the word "liberal" was taken over by socialists. This probably occured as an old "bait and switch" move by FDR in the '30's in an effort to softsell socialism to a desperate populace, without the messy questions of why the New Deal is unConstitutional. Unfortunately, he succeeded in more ways than one.

Regardless, I want the word back. Do I have to ask the New Castrati and their wacko female comrads to stop using the word? Will I have to ask normal people to quit making fun of liberals, as there is a new definition for the word?

Bah! Too much trouble.


Blogger Mr Bob said...

I wrote on this subject a couple months ago and its still gets more hits than any other post or set of posts I've ever written. is the link to my essay on it. I ain't now professional writer, but 7 or 8 pages came out in about a half hour on it.

4:23 PM

Blogger The Plumber said...

Hi Mr. Bob!

I think that your article may have been my "wake-up call". I commented on your well-written essay several weeks ago. Since then (now that I am more aware of the problem), I notice instances of the sissy/anti-sissy divide which exists in Western society nearly daily.

My hope is that parents in the United States will start raising men. Our liberty depends on it.

12:45 PM


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