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Friday, March 24, 2006

Thanks to Bloggers

Enough bloggers who use blogspot now use "word verification" to prevent comment spammers that comment spam is almost non-existent. I've received one in the last two months.

I think that the word verification feature is cumbersome, and it often doesn't work on the first try. This is the reason I never used it. I prefer to contact the offenders directly to tell them that they will be reported to their Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.

Then I did it. Though I'm sure defensive measure of word verification deserves the lions share of the credit for the decline of this deplorable practice, it is still a defensive posture. To me, that is the worst position to be in. It also degrades the authority of consumers of the blogosphere.

You see, my first-year economics professor, Dr Sexton, was definitely from the Austrian School. The way he explained it was thus (you'll have to forgive me for paraphrasing, it's been twenty years): The barter system is a product of human evolution. Humans then became sophisticated enough to use money to represent wealth instead of, for instance, trading a pig for a few bushels of wheat. This became known as capitalism. Capitalism is as natural to humans as waking in the morning. All other wealth-distribution schemes are just that...schemes.

Anyway, as capitalism is so near to the state of nature of man, it is also the most free. With that much liberty, the individual consumer is "Captain of the Economy". Only I get to decide where my wealth goes or doesn't go. That puts me in charge. That puts me on offense. To cede that position without even a word of protest is indicative of reaction rather than proaction*.

To me, word verification penalized consumers when who should have been penalized were the spammers. In other words, bloggers who use word verification willfully punish themselves, and the jackasses run off scott-free.

Regardless, I'm glad their gone.

*Is that even a word? Well it must be. I wrote it. Pretty good line though, n'est pas? (Oops, no French. How about "como no?")

Also, here I could expound on how individual consumers lost most of our command when the US removed itself from the Gold Standard in 1971 (or thereabouts), but it would muddle the message.


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